Welcome to our food blog! I’m Elizabeth (Liz) and my husband is Jesse. We live on Long Island. We love the ocean, science (in fact we are both marine biologists), playing outside, staying active, and of course food. We enjoy eating food, cooking food, and learning about food. We are excited to share our passion and our recipes with all of you!

We are always looking for new, creatives dishes to cook and try. I am frequently on Pinterest (probably too much), reading other food blogs, or looking through our recipe books for inspiration. I also like to read about food sustainability and nutrition. While I am usually the one planning out our meals for the week, on the majority of nights my husband is the one doing the actual cooking. I always said that I wanted to marry someone who could cook and I definitely found myself a good one. Jesse has a natural ability for cooking. He honed his skills cooking the main dishes at a local Pizzeria during his high-school and college years. My main contribution to the food is baking up sweet treats. I like to think we make a pretty good team.

I would describe us as “conscious” food eaters. We are conscious about what we put into our bodies and conscious about how our food choices impact the planet. We try to eat whole foods and buy foods that were raised in a responsible and ethical manner. We like to cook with local, seasonal produce as much as possible because there is really nothing better than fresh fruits and vegetables! We hope our recipes inspire you to cook up healthy, delicious meals with the seasonal produce available to you.