Strawberry Crisp

This past Saturday we went strawberry picking at our CSA farm, Golden Earthworm! It was such a wonderful way to spend a Saturday. And it was so rewarding to see and learn how the delicious, organic strawberries we receive in our CSA are grown. For instance, we learned that the farm grows several varieties of strawberries, including some that are very sweet and some with a bit more tang. We.. Read More

Chocolate-Almond-Coconut Bark

For our annual holiday baking, I always like to make one new treat to keep things interesting. Of course making something new is always a bit of a risk and sometimes it doesn’t turn out. But our new treat this year – chocolate bark – was unbelievably delicious. So I had to share the recipe with you. The key to good chocolate bark is good chocolate. You want to choose.. Read More

Cranberry-Pistachio-Oat Cookies

I am going to get back to my discussion on food, climate change, and sustainability very soon, but first I have a couple holiday treat recipes to share with you. Every year my husband and I make homemade holiday cookies to share with family, friends, and co-workers. And from what we hear, our cookies are pretty darn good. I have been making these cranberry, pistachio, and oat cookies for three.. Read More

Zucchini Chocolate Nut Butter Brownies

These brownies contain nutritious zucchini, are gluten-free, and vegan (if you buy vegan dark chocolate). And they are amazing! Just ask my husband who has been gobbling them up. I first made these brownies for the 4th of July. I had never made zucchini brownies or vegan brownies before, so they were really an experiment. I was pleasantly surprised and excited that they turned out so good. I recently made.. Read More

Strawberry Rhubarb Sorbet + Coconut Oil Biscuits

I look forward to strawberry season ever year. In my opinion, there is not much better than freshly picked strawberries. I like to enjoy them right out of the carton, as well as use them to create fantastic strawberry treats. Here on Long Island, strawberry season only lasts a few short weeks, so you really have to savor them while you can. This year I wanted to make a strawberry.. Read More