Baby Kale Salad with Sun-dried Tomato Dressing

I have another simple salad for you, to help you utilize those wonderful spring greens! This one is with baby kale (my second favorite spring green, just behind baby arugula). This salad has a delicious sun-dried tomato dressing (slightly modified from the version I came across in my Italian Cooking School: Vegetables cookbook from Silver Spoon Kitchen). I added additional sun-dried tomatoes to the salad, a little red onion, and.. Read More

Baby Arugula & Orzo Salad

CSA season has begun and my fridge is filled with freshly harvested spring greens! After what always seems like a long winter of eating root vegetables and produce shipped from miles away, I am so happy to once again have beautiful fresh produce. While some people may get overwhelmed by all the greens in their CSA, I LOVE them. My body craves light, fresh salads at this time of year… Read More

Bangin’ Black Beans

Let’s talk about plant proteins. A common misconception is that we only get protein from animals. But in fact, there are plenty of great plant-based sources of protein, including nuts, seeds, tofu, tempeh, and legumes (beans and peas). These plant-based proteins are often considered healthier than animal proteins. And as I have discussed before, shifting to more plant-based proteins would help to reduce our impact on the planet. Legumes, in.. Read More

Tagliatelle with Mushroom Ragu

Tagliatelle with Mushroom Ragu

After a several month hiatus, I am finally back to food blogging! The end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 were quite busy. We took a two week trip to Italy, had a lengthy holiday vacation, and I transitioned to a new job. But things are beginning to settle down again, and I am excited to share some new recipes with you. Today’s recipe was inspired by our trip to.. Read More

Indian Potato Chickpea Bowl with Green Chutney

Those that know me well, know that I am a planner. I like to make daily and weekly to-do-lists, plan out weekend activities, and fun trips. And when it comes to what I’m eating, I also like to have a plan. Planning out our meals for the week ensures that we eat healthy throughout the week. (I firmly believe that making your own food is the key to eating well.).. Read More